Payphones for the Digital Age


It’s hard to remember the last time you or someone you knew used a payphone. In our time it has become an object that can almost become a surrealist piece of art or the lost art of talking on the phone that we see in movies from the 80s and 90s. Now, it’s back! But not like before, Mayor Bloomberg administrative team came up with a challenge to the public to design the next payphone of the digital age. This “payphone” is not like the older models, it has a wifi hotspot, a wireless phone charger and data center. Just think about how useful this can be when you’re running around the city and your phone dies.This is just another example that not everything new is original and that re-design is the new way of designing. It can be a hard task to master and succeed in. But in this case I believe it’s definitely a innovative way of improving an old idea. The function of this idea reminds me of not only this weeks reading but the ideas and philosophy of Jameson we touched upon earlier in the semester. 


Global Issue: Improving Technology

Primary Design Lens: Environmental Design

Secondary Design Lens: Urban Design


-Corinne Schiavone

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