Rooftop Farms

Headline: Urbanites combat climate change with rooftop farms


– Jennifer Jung-Eun Kim

Date: February 23rd, 2013


Urban visionaries John Stoddard and Courtney Hennessey of Higher Ground Farm are cultivating their own solution to environmental problems by creating farms on unused rooftops in Boston. They believe that this will lead to positive effects to the city itself as well. The expected benefits of urban farming are: local food production, pollution reduction, slowing of water flow during rainfall, sunlight absorption, and reduction of building’s cooling costs.

I think that this is an effective solution to environmental problems and the lack of farmlands necessary to feed highly populated communities. This is a great example of the idea that we can redesign and utilize resources we already have, and how we may be able to maximize the benefits by thinking through various aspects of a problem. This article also reminded me of this week’s reading in how redesigning an aspect of a city will involve both short-term and long-term effects on the city itself.


Global Issue: Climate Change

Primary Design Lens: Environmental Design

Secondary Design Lens: Urban Design

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One Response to Rooftop Farms

  1. Barbara says:

    Jennifer, the point you make about tapping into the resources that are already there is excellent and interesting to think about in relation to Bargmann’s lecture. Let’s discuss these connections in our discussion today.

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