The big picture: a sense of hopelessness


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Source: BBC

Noor Arora

Lets ZOOM out…           

10,000,000 times: definition of a child

1,000,000 times: condemned and unforgivable acts, tragic, violent, criminal loss of life

100,000 times: a society outraged

10,000 times: lack of empathy, respect for women, safety, law and order, corruption, sheep mentality.

1000 times: old vs. new, tradition vs. culture, backward vs. forward, pride vs. shame. freedom of choice? Life vs. death.

100 times: economics, arrested development, poverty, disparity, immigration, freedom of movement? Big cities, impoverished villages, inadequate education, superiority, unattended needs, unforgivable deeds.

10 times: hierarchy, excuses, international law, honor, rights (of the child or his victim?), hatred, liberty, passion/drive or the lack of it, selfishness, multiples, numbers, out of sight out of mind, care, opinion, big inefficient systems.

1 time: the gray area- wrong vs. right.   

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One Response to The big picture: a sense of hopelessness

  1. Barbara says:

    Noor, this is an interesting format and approach to the question of scale and its relation to ethics. Could you discuss this in class and explain your methodology?

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