The Great Green Wall of China



Stephanie Lin

China has instated a reforestation program in order to offset the encroaching Gobi Desert. It has been dubbed the “great green wall of China”, and was also believed to help combat global climate change. This is an example of how people can attempt to manipulate the environment in an attempt to return the area to it’s natural state. So far, this expanse of forest is the largest artificial forest in the world, and accounts for 42% of China’s landmass. 

Although there are benefits to these actions, there are also consequences that many do not consider. For example, many of the trees planted in the artificial forest are not native to China. So despite the fact that they grow quickly and use a greater volume of carbon dioxide, they in turn deplete the soil of its nutrients much quicker. It also does not support many native animal species, and much of the forest actually sees little to no animal life at all. 




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One Response to The Great Green Wall of China

  1. Barbara says:

    Stephanie, negotiating these sorts of projects is always difficult as you point out. As you note, there is likely no way to “return the area to its natural state.”

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