To sale a building as a product


A dutch architect Frank Tjepkena represents his new idea of future house, a cabin look house, simple and consider the sustainability of energy used. A cabin in the woods? “ First of all, there are the tree-like spindles of photovoltaic panels that sprout from its roof, supplying enough energy to recharge the batteries in the home’s LED lights. Two sides of the building envelope are clad in hinged slats of wood, which can be opened or closed depending on the weather. “The shutters are computer controlled to follow the wishes of the inhabitants, and close automatically when a storm approaches,” the designers say. In the article, Tjepkena talked about why is commercial architecture far behind from other fields, as industrial or communication design. He want to make his building more like a product, a furniture.

In this century, everyone are focusing on the sustainability and the balance between human and the earth. How to save energy, how we invent a new material to replace the earthy one. I think the concept behind Tjepkena is very innovated and interesting. We know an architecture itself is a big project and its hard to change or get rid of it, doesnt like a daily housegoods product. However, it does not mean every building in the earth is aesthetic and earth friendly. I think the departing point of his idea is simple, but its really innovated for all people who used to consider to a timelessness one first.

Minghsi chou

Fast co.

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One Response to To sale a building as a product

  1. Barbara says:

    Minghsi, it is interesting to think about a house as a product or furniture. This could have various outcomes. The age old view of a home as a fortress reveals itself in this example–home as a comfort from the elements.

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