Two years after Fukushima, Japan is still cleaning up a nuclear mess

Source: The Daily Star

March 13, 2013


Two years after the Fuckishima, Japan’s major Earthquake the restoration continues at a slow and what many say is an irresponsible pace.  Still many believe that much of the damaged could have been prevented.  The Plant’s lack of a precautionary plan of action  that could be taken light of disastrous event such as this was not effectively considered. In japan where safety measures are highly considered due to the geographical vulnerability  of the islands, this seems to be a major oversight.

Previous contemplation and logical understanding of our environment should be considered in the forefront of infrastructure development. If the natural environment experience floods, tornadoes   etc.  this should integrated into designing structure especially those that house volatile projects. But even then I think it should also be brought down to a local level ie. Markets, homes. In the case of Fukushima the plant shows that it is better to prepare for the worst then trying to salvage the pieces in the end


Design lens: Reclamation design

Secondary design Lens:  Precautionary Design


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One Response to Two years after Fukushima, Japan is still cleaning up a nuclear mess

  1. Barbara says:

    Moira, I think it was announced this week that Japan will restart their nuclear reactors that were shut down. You points about scale and about foresight (building disaster into the design) relate to Joel’s points about resilience and Jamer’s about scale. Maybe we can discuss this further in class today.

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