A Design Exclamation!


I chose Communication Design because it gives me what I’ve found is necessary for my growth as a designer: freedom. Graphic Design is an extremely expansive field and I was drawn to the idea that I could mold it into many aspects. For me—I feel inspired by the potential of possibility, of knowing that I can have the freedom to move both creatively and physically. Feeling limited or tied down is what stifles myself as an artist the most.

Fear is another key element. I feel like if we are not doing something that intimidates us in some way—that what we produce is stagnant. I continuously want to learn how to make my work modern, without always having to rely on technology as the source of that modernity.

I want my contribution to the field of graphic design to be one that breaks down the barriers of what it means to be a designer. A designer doesn’t need to be limited to the conventions of society: a studio environment, working behind a desk, producing work for various clients. I want to be a designer/business woman/farmer/public speaker/author/chef/humanitarian. Since I am interested and inspired by so many things—shouldn’t my profession reflect that? Instead of ‘What do you do?’ I strive to ask myself and my peers in the field, “What don’t we do?”


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6 Responses to A Design Exclamation!

  1. gorod378 says:

    I think its a great challenge as a designer to be free, because society is very limiting. I like how you say its best not to rely on technology because it’s true. Communication Design should have an overall concept and designed clearly. A design can be translated into different technologies, but is only successful if the design itself is communicating.

  2. stephanielin says:

    How interesting to pose the question of “What don’t we do” in regards to our work. I would love to see examples of how you integrate your many interests as a farmer, chef, etc, into you communication design work!

  3. prunsolee says:

    It is quite lieberating to see someone who seeks to be a muti-diciplinary designer. I think the way you approach communicatin design is very interesting. It isn’t something that you are entitled to but more of a medium or tool that is to be used in different fields of your interest. Are you planning to work in a local scale?

  4. Bobae says:

    That’s an interesting point you made: should what we do be defined by a single profession? Many professionals in various industries today tend to be more than just a designer, just an author, or just an engineer. Just because we major in something doesn’t mean we necessary are going to pursue that one single thing. Designers can stretch into other fields too such as an architect pursuing furniture design, fashion students pursuing marketing, and animators pursuing music. Basically as you said it boils down to: what is a designer anyway?

  5. arorn959 says:

    I have never heard such a description of graphic design before. Most people that I know studying it, barely ever talk about anything other than coding and i find your thinking about to refreshing and it would be interesting know about the diversity of the field and see some of your work .

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