Design Responsibility


Fashion design is what I am most interested in. I have come to realize it is more than just a process of choosing, researching, developing, and finalizing a concept into a product. It is another medium of communicating and story telling an issue that is bigger than just well made clothes and accessories. It is not simply a business matter of how much profit I can draw or how much I can sell, but a reflective practice of how I can create a garment that challenges the mass to participate in sustainable lifestyle. I continuously ask myself how I can design a fashion without losing its aesthetics, and use it as an interactive medium or tool to build a waste-conscious community.

Thus, I find accepting and responding to criticism from the third point of view is the most challenging but essential stage of the design process. Once a subject or a concept inspires me, developing the idea (researching texts, images, fabrics and trims, sketching, and draping) then packaging into a final product or presentation (which includes a statement, a fabric-trim-sample board, illustration, flats, and garments) come easily. Of course, there is tremendous amount of stress, lack of sleep, changing ideas, and time limit as it progresses. However, examining and reflecting the failures is a greater struggle; because every part of the process becomes very personal.

Nobody likes to be criticized, especially from the peers. But I believe it is fundamental in every artistic and design practices. Their criticism often feeds and nourishes my thoughts, which then turn them into something unexpected, something more fruitful. It is a soil of motivatation that elevates and challenges me as a young designer.

Celina Lee

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One Response to Design Responsibility

  1. gorod378 says:

    Feedback is so important as a designer in any field. I personally feel that i grow more when listening to others opinions during critiques even if they are harsh. I think that the criticism is good because it makes you push harder and create more amazing work. On the other hand, i totally agree with you, its hard to have your design judged. You have to always listen to others, and find the balance of listening to yourself as well.

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