Andreas Shaw

I originally began studying architecture at parsons but the overly conceptual syllabus made me change to studying Product Design. To me the two practices hold many similarities except with product design there is more of a complete journey through the initial design process through to the very final working product standing infront of you whereas in studying Architecture the furthest you can possibly go with an idea at this stage is to a scale model – you dont get the gratification of your idea becoming reality.

Though only having ever been mildly interested in the field of Product Design before joining the major, I feel as if my passion for the subject has grown the more I learn about it. I have always been interested in how big a part design plays when valuing and choosing a product on the market. This is not just true for product design but for all types of design. Communicating the product’s values and tapping into the eye of the targeted consumer is, in my mind, the reason design exists.

I have always held an interest in many areas and feel as if I am curious by nature. This curiosity, I feel, has helped me in becoming a better designer and problem solver as much of the time a solution to a design problem may land in a completely different area to the one you are trying to tackle. This is the main reason I enjoy design as almost all of the time you will end up somewhere completely unexpected through your journey from initial sketches and conceptual idea to the final working product.

Andreas Shaw

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