Open Design


For this semester, Im doing an open design concept, the idea of open design is basically can be defined as the development of a systems, machines and products that shared the design information to public, the third world, and its free, be provided for everyone. Open design is very different from what we usually do, eventually we make our product open to the market, but now, as a designer to design a product, now we are sharing “how to do”, the techniques, the idea, tools, and also make people will have interested to redesign above my own design.

When we think about open design, we usually think of an open-source software but not product, indeed, its very hard to narrow down to a small item. My interest is to concern an energy saving product, or an interactive design, two directions. An open design for me is to create a product that can inspire people to design the next version of my original design and the relationship between the product and people will be build on the product itself and the user. They do not have to have any knowledge of product design, but they will feel confident to reform and redesign. Design to me is a creative and fun way to help people, and also to improve our living condition. Therefore, what I always want to design a product which is an interactive and both playful. I think even product design has to be done with a formal rules, like tools, techniques and manufacturing, but for concept, and the idea should be vivid and no rules.

Minghsi Chou
product design

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5 Responses to Open Design

  1. andreasshaw says:

    Hey Minghsi, I find it interesting how you look at design as never being finished and how you believe that design should be shared and improved upon by the public.
    – Andreas

  2. stephanielin says:

    The idea of sharing “how to do” as opposed to the actual product is really interesting! I think it would be really interested to explore the implications of this model of design, and how it could affect the future of your field and work!

  3. pherp846 says:

    I think you are very correct to say that ‘open design’ is very different from what we usually do. Open design requires that a designer be selfless with their work. We, as designers, tend to treat our work as our own, as ‘precious’. To share and encourage changes of our work by others perhaps requires that we separate ourselves from emotionally from our ‘completed’ designs and realize we must let it adapt.

  4. Bobae says:

    I think that sometimes people feel like they shouldn’t be redesigning a product because they have no power or knowledge to do so. Designing a product that can motivate users to redesign sounds like a fun challenge. I know that in the design field, 3D printing is a major innovation in inspiring people to design. 3D printing also goes with what you’re saying too: you have to follow the 3D printer guidelines but basically you can create anything.

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