Opportunities, Simplicity, and Joy in Design


I chose product design not because I had a burning passion for it, but because the major provided with lots of opportunities to go beyond product design into other fields. My real passion was for illustration. However both my artist mom and my trusted professor advised me saying, “You can do illustration as a hobby but you can’t do product design as a hobby.” I agreed and I am happy with my decision today.

When I design I think simple. Before, with my perfectionist mindset, I thought simplicity was the equivalent of laziness. However after looking at minimalist designs and learning about the design process, I learned that simplicity is a valued style. I’m generally a slow person. Whether it’s eating or designing, I need to take my time. In result I need to make my designs simple in order to complete tasks on time. This turned beneficial for me because I’m able to have my own style of design.

I enjoy coming up with ideas than finalizing them as products. Usually half-way through the project I get dissatisfied with my idea and later I lose the motivation to finish it. However last year, an experience friend advised me how I needed to reflect on my thinking processes to know why I was like this. I found out that in the end I was still an inexperienced design student. I still had much to learn about the design process and my eager was beyond what I was capable of. This advice in the end led me to pursue the simplistic style even more because it was what I was capable of doing.

Another realization that I got out of my friend’s advice was that I enjoyed making joy-filled designs. I realized my way of design thinking focused more on emotion than on function. My goal is not to become a famous designer or be a high positioned employee at a design company. Instead I just want people to find innocent joy and play in my design.

Christine Lee

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One Response to Opportunities, Simplicity, and Joy in Design

  1. andreasshaw says:

    Hey Christine, I feel like our assignments are similar in the way that we both chose to study Product Design not really knowing what to expect or where it would take us.
    – Andreas

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