Renewing of the body through the mind

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The emergence of information:

by Omar A. Greene

I really like the whole idea of information, changing from the old hierarchical system to the open feedback, in a way giving the power back the body and the tie Joel’s lecture in about rejuvenation of architectural landscape, Johnson talks about the about the media and feedback, how feedback as become a decentralizing system that extensively relies on feedback for the purpose for both growth and self regulation. just as the network of the human brain cells. this intricate system that functions as an array can be easily triggered new arrays base on repetition which is the mother board of motion, how we go forward and is the reason why we need the feedback process of changing our behavioral patterns in our habitat. to me this idea can be represented by networks on the internet, they don’t stay the same because designers as well as businesses rely on feedback to make business better.


                                                        Omar A. Greene

Global Now Intellectual Autobiography and Artist/Designer Statement Mar. 19 2013

Currently I am a Junior at Parsons The New school, majoring in Design and Technology, it is a bit tricky to explain exactly what my field of study is, because of the diverse nature of course and root I have taken. This course  will prepare me to take on the role of a graphic designer with the touch and expertees in my creative field as a designer/ programmer. At Parsons I have been working with my advisors as well as the already laid out core curriculum, to forge a unique path for myself.  From the basic core foundations prerequisites, to help develop the 2D / 3D oriented mind, technical drawing / illustration skills and fabrication skills. In DT I have been working to develop what I consider a research base to my work, which is my interests in:

 Human Relations, Through Branding Strategies by Media and Content Development:

My work depends on the idea of art imitating life and involves acting performing and reflective of Technology, Interaction, ergonomics, politics, social justice, marketing and industry standards.

The role, my role. The design and technology department as introduced me to Interaction design and the usability fractions in design through app, web design, web content and page layout, involving the knowledge of coding languages, HTML, CSS, JavaScript / JQuery, Ajax, Canvas, Creative Computing with Processing and Arduino and JASEN which is only one half the course, the other half involves user interaction through research base, interviews testing real users response to decipher problems in the design process, this also involved social interaction, for the understanding of network research which all depends on strong linear and technical skills. How every my skills and abilities are not limited to the web and the world of programing languages.

I believe if I am to understand more about myself and the world around me, I had to go deeper into my reflective process more. And animation and film as always been an interest that helps me work through my process a lot better. Taking experimental film, digital cinema and filmmaking classes as well as ICD lab performance has help me go into my own thoughts to better gain further insights behind the driving forces when it comes on to human relations, I believe a picture is really worth more than a thousand words, I think seeing does not necessarily means believing, but seeing nature and the struggles of the will, its always a better process than reading it on a page for me that is, I do like a good book but my visual sensibilities overpowers my linear abilities in some cases more.

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