changing the maker and the destination: design statement

Noor Arora





Open you eyes and look around. Make use of the people and facilities around you while you can. Learn. The future is not some place that we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found but to be made, and the making of them changes both the maker and the destination.  -Aditya goyal

This quote always had a powerful effect on me and as a 17 year old student aspiring to be a mechanical engineer I was determined to be a ‘maker of destinations’.

It took an unfortunate incident with a firecracker and six months of burn treatments in uncomfortable and sometimes downright scary hospitals to realize that hard science wasn’t the answer for me. While it was interesting, I needed something more.

I felt a need to make people feel happy and comfortable. To see how we do things and how they could be done better. To make others notice the importance of beautiful things an their effects of someone’s physical and mental states.

Industrial/product design was the obvious answer.

This thinking was reinforced by other experiences growing up in New Delhi, India, in a time of change, in a new era, when economy was finally stable, people were moving into the cities and international trade was allowed for the first time since independence.

I tend to draw inspiration from wide spread social medical and environmental issues around me. My design Ideology is to make things more comfortable both to use and on the eye, to reduce excessive material usage and to try keep things as simple as possible.

I hope to ultimately do work that shapes environments, behavior and thinking to make people lives better.

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