Design statement

I have never imagined that I would major product design in Parsons. I was an extreme hard worker as a freshman in foundation program 2010. Through out my freshman year, I found interest in 3D modeling, and I ended up choosing product design based on my overall grades. Till that time, I had no idea who is going to be there with me, or who has been already experienced how hard it is. However, it was still exciting that I was becoming a sophomore, and the fact that I would learn about how things are made in detail in advanced classes.

After I joined in product design, there were so many times that I wanted to change my major, however, it was provokingly fun, and interesting. As I learn about what designers do to design one product, I get impressive and inspired every time.

When people buy products, they don’t really think how it was made, and sometimes, no matter what the functions are they buy them just because they are cute. If they think about designers sketching idea, market researching, choosing proper material, prototyping and testing, they might understand better of the products and how it became a real product in a market displayed.

As I do product design I also got an interest of making kids products, and I have made some kids products. One of the projects that I like the most is kids furniture-table, and stools set. Its concept was to be playful for kids and save space in a room. The stools are like playing blocks and fit around the table leg when they are not in use. Therefore, it maximizes the space regaining. When I read David Harvey’s ‘time and space compression’ theory, reminds this project. He was basically saying that time and space change fast these days, and as they change our lifestyle changes as well. Even though it does not literally mean that time and space are really compressed, it still shows that we design as how we need, and according to situations that we are in.


Vivian Park

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