Designer Statement


I had a great interest in art when I was young, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to go to fashion major. But as I grew up, I made my mind to fashion major. To simply talk about my childhood, I think my mom was the most influence person for me to choose fashion design. She used to by me clothes with a lot of colors in it, never black or white. The designs of the clothes were always more to fancy than simple. Moreover, she majored in one of art field, so it was really helpful for me to attend Parsons.


When I came to Parsons, I only look forward to fashion design, never thought of other majors. So when I became sophomore, I was fulfill with expectance of designing and creating clothes and my own portfolio. It was really harder than I thought of course. But there were several things that I realized who I was. One of the part was that I’m a really feminine women, designer. I usually don’t wear like a girl that much, just enjoying wearing pants and shirts (not so decorative). But when I design my collections, it always came out really feminine and now most of my friends know that my collections are really feminine, curvy (full of ruffles or gatherings) and maybe a little, never edgy or masculine. For the color wise, at first time, I tend to use a lot of color; I think it’s because of the influence from my mom. But as I made several collection, now I’m using mostly 2~3 colors, but it doesn’t mean that my collections lost feminine J


I’m in “ready to wear” section now, but actually I really wanted to go to eveningwear. Whenever I design clothes, I tend to design dresses than casual clothes. Moreover, I was interested in couture, but as I took couture class this semester, I got really into these especially beadings. So I kind of made up my mind that I should go to couture field.


Since I’m doing women’s wear, as all the women wants to look pretty and gorgeous in front of the people they love. So when I’ designing, I usually think of the beauty, obviously.

Shauna Lee


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