Designer’s Statement

Picture 5

I am a designer, not a fine artist. I care about the practicality of my designs and strive to respond to the needs of my customers with my aesthetic sense rather than trying to create pieces solely for myself and hope to find someone that may appreciate it. So, I constantly question myself whether I would wear my designs, or if I know more than a few people who would.

I spent a part of my childhood in South Korea, and another part of it in California. Due to my background, my work often reflects a mix of Eastern and Western aesthetic. I am mostly interested in portraying Asian cultures without the element of Orientalism, or a western view, and want to celebrate certain eastern aesthetics with an insider’s view. I often combine these elements with standard western clothes. Also, I usually envision my muse to be ethnically ambiguous because ethnical background is not something I consider to be a large part of targeting my customer demographics.

Lastly, living in California influenced me to develop a love for color. I have a tendency to use bright colors in my collections rather than opting for the monochromatic palettes, which is easier to adapt to a modern style. Color inspires me, so I always take up the challenge to mix and match a diverse range of palettes.

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