Motion Graphics: A Designer’s Statement

While I would consider this animation a draft, it wasn’t until I changed how I worked as a creative individual that I was able to make a motion graphics piece nearly as successful.


In the Design and Technology program I have chosen to direct the majority of my creative attention to the art of Motion Graphics (animated graphic design.) I feel that Motion Graphics can be so dynamic because it combines elements from many creative fields, such as – illustration, sculpting, drawing, photography, typography, graphic design, painting, advertising, etc…

The real challenge with Motion Graphics is that in order to complete a project a great deal of technical skill is required.Technical skill is important on many levels, it could range from shooting with a DSLR camera, to working with Adobe’s programs such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects – where everything is compiled in real time.

While technical skills can be mastered, at first it is overwhelming. The technical components challenged me, and I felt that I was always had artists block and could not come up with any ideas for a piece that I would not only want to create, but would be technically able to. I have found that as a creative individual the most important part about a piece is the process. It wasn’t until I took Ken’s Motion Graphics 3 class that I realized what kind of work flow and process I needed to adapt to my own work in order to make something much more successful than before. The first step was to through any and all technical worries out the window, and to focus only on what did I want to make and why. Once I would come up with an idea, for example a narrative about two aliens in outer space… What was most helpful was first doing some research on my topic, second creating style frames, third story boards, and fourth animating.

This process helped me learn so much about not only myself, but also how to successfully make something as a Motion Graphics designer by adapting a new process and work flow. This allowed me to realize how I can actually turn all of my different creative skills and love for many things into a successful career in Motion Graphics.

-Samantha Cooper (348 words)

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