Realities Doppelgänger

I produce work to mock what I perceive to be reality. As I grew as a person and artist I began observing the world literally and figuratively. I often found myself thinking about everything in relation to something else. We all as people carry contexts from our entire past up to current events in our daily lives and everything that comprises it. As observers we all bring different ideas and visions to what we encounter in every single situation in our lives. We are all things that are in relation to something else within something else and so on and so on and because of that the we often naturally challenge things in relation to our selves. This concept that every single person has a completely different upbringing an that it fully affects their judgment on everything in relation to them fascinates me and saddens me because some people are missing out on experiences that other people are taking part in. My aspiration as an artist is to not only capture the reality I recognize but manipulate it and use it to create sensations that I had experienced looking at it and visually replicating it. To the extent of me wanting to share my visual experiences I aim to develop works that allow the viewer observe an aesthetically pleasing work of art that may be recreating something that is from reality that a viewer can observed that could be potentially even disgusting by.


As an example the title for my latest series of up and coming work is tilted DDXDV (Disgusting Dreams x Dangerous Visions) because I am using artistic expression to capture something from my reality then producing it visually and making it become a reality for me to share with the viewer. As an example in the piece depicted above I created a painting showing the lower half of my face making a distinct facial expression. If I were to make such a facial expression for viewers to observe in reality they might be put off to the idea coming closer to my face to the same extent that the image depicts to experience and examine what I see. I find beauty and intrigue in the reality that I discern and would like to use my power as an artist to replicate this visually so that I may share my visual experiences.

Killa K Chea!!!

Rage Chea!!!

Daisy Chea!!!


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