Establishing Visual Reality

50-50 Chea!!!
I am an artist that contemplates what is reality and and as an artist what reality am I implementing or implicating by the artworks I create. I draw inspiration from everything around me. As a human being alive today there are so many portals for information, sensations, expression, etc. open to me that the world has graciously given. Technologies, Philosophies, and discoveries are progressing day by day and as artist I aim to utilize these advances in humanity.

Through the advances in technology we learn and discover new was to fix problems then we learn to more efficiently address the problem and so on. Over generation many beautiful minds have emerged to share their thoughts and ideals on every aspect of life. Artist have crossed boundaries and conceptualized ideas that are often groundbreaking and misunderstood. Many of these concepts originate from the Anne Balsamo “Design Culture”

As an artist in the contemporary world I often see to many of my peers stress to find new and innovative additions to the world of art. These people unfortunately find themselves stuck in a mindset were they forget the essence of art in their stive for individuality. I don’t face such a dilemma because I am already mystified by the beauty of visual art. As visual artist we capture visions from reality or imaginations as references and such a concept fascinates me as we are creating worlds and realities in this pieces of art. What a artist depicts is interesting especially, as an example is the René Magritte’s “this is not a pipe” art piece because he address that what a artist depicts visually on a canvas is not the object. Hallucinations, optical illusions, and reasoning are interesting variables in everyones perception of the things they see in their everyday lives.

I aim to question peoples perceptions of what they see in artwork. Awareness is a feature that most average humans lack. In New york city you can ask a person who walks a particular route to and from work/school and if you as them what they notice and a very limited amount of information is remembered. I want people to see my illustrations and notice how I alter the common reality that I would be sharing with the viewers.

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2 Responses to Establishing Visual Reality

  1. gorod378 says:

    I think its really true that in New York city people are numb to there surroundings. How will you create awareness?

  2. greeo414 says:

    You are right about a lot of the things you say about your peers and the struggles of the visual world, but I think sometimes we confuse our own ideals of what we want to add to what’s already existing out in the world, rather than try to solve some of the problems we are faced with. but eight way, it’s ‘OK’ to want create or to think of becoming more of a designers who use their work to aid society.

    I like the rout you have taken though to question everything, to start this conversation that might get to the root of solving some of those problems.

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