Functionalism in Clothing


Throughout history, clothing has evolved into a manner of superfluous adornment; however, society may be nearing a time when it must regard clothing solely in a utilitarian way. As constant strain is placed on the environment, and resources become rapidly depleted, clothing may not have the luxury of being used for “fashion” anymore. It would be interesting to research how fashion currently impacts the environment, how it does (or does not) mitigate its impact on the environment, and how to prevent further unnecessary strain.

            The paper would focus on: environment, clothing, textiles, sustainability, and waste. The paper would focus on readings regarding leverage points, and fashion and sustainability.

            I think that it would be interesting to research a way that garments could be used a leverage point in the wasteful system of fashion. I would like to first research sustainable textiles and methodologies of design. Combining these two facets, I would then design a garment that could be more sustainable than current fashion, and be completely utilitarian. 

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One Response to Functionalism in Clothing

  1. gorod378 says:

    Will you look into used garments or just sustainable textiles? After this weeks reading of how much second hand clothing is wasted and not used maybe you can create sustainable garment with used fabric.

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