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I real the lecture to Elizabeth Grosz Bodies -Cities, for the womens lecture. I think this is a good way to view sex, gender, and the politic of space. what make the male, female and trans sex what it is, … Continue reading

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Identity and Cultural Freedom

by Omar Greene Quality Vs Quantity When I think about this lecture and reading, I think about how we all have this fantasy and fascination of being this person of stature a pillar in society so ti speak. and feel … Continue reading

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Renewing of the body through the mind The emergence of information: by Omar A. Greene I really like the whole idea of information, changing from the old hierarchical system to the open feedback, in a way giving the power back … Continue reading

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Regenerative remediated Identities

Sensors measure cow flatulence – for science By Omar Greene Like Julie Bargmann’s approach to cut green washing in design because of regulations through  politic. Teagasc, Ireland’s Agricultural and Food Development Authority have found a way to  measure the flatulence … Continue reading

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Scale Free Networks

By Omar Greene The ALBERT-LASZLO` reading: Thinking about the scapular view and the placement of random frameworks, I think the way film and cinema reaches us in or homes across the globe this can be seen as another form of … Continue reading

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Timo Rissanen Reading

DESIGNING ENDURANCE                                I this was a very refreshing reading, I started talking to a really good friend right before the lecture,  and most agree that Architecture … Continue reading

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Social Media and Technology

              How can we Implement the process of technological innovation in our work:  I social media technology innovation can be seen as forum for measuring our achievements as well as dealing some of the … Continue reading

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