Advancements in the Visual world

April 4th 2013

Proposal     Image

     As an artist in an ever-changing world, I often seek to use the advantage of new technology in my work and don’t distance myself from constantly learning more about the possibilities that are within the world of photography. A lot of people in my field are split between the earlier days of film and the digital age of today, and while you can achieve an incredible image using either, the discoveries that have been made make it easier to get a more successful image depending on the subject matter or location. Much of what Anne Balsamo said in “Design Culture” support the theories and the success of these new technologies.

           We are lucky to live in the world today, while others believe New York was more “free” a decade ago, I feel lucky to be a part of an artist community that is not only inspiring to my personal work but is open to collaborating between different fields of art and music. Right now I am focusing on expanding my portraiture and conceptualizing a atmosphere to better suit the subject and show them in a light that supports the message of their art. While this type of Subject matter can be shot at any period of time, it’s the advancement in new photographic technologies that assist the photographer in getting a more precise image and produce it incredibly fast compared to using film and dark room processes.

             My Work of conceptual portraits of musicians isn’t meant to challenge the viewer in a confrontational scenes but rather focus on the subject and I very quietly submit a little of my personality in each photo. While I have been criticized in this body of work that there is no message or social or political stance, I have to disagree. This body of work is based around different subcultures mainly in the artistic and musical world and how new advancements in photographic technologies has made it possible for me to gain better access and get photos I wouldn’t normally be able to achieve. I would like to explore this idea much more in depth for my final presentation.

-Corinne Schiavone




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One Response to Advancements in the Visual world

  1. greeo414 says:

    I think you’re diffidently hit the nail on the head with this one, art and technology has always seem to bring different cultures together and will continue to do so with the aid of new technologies. it’s endless the possibilities of changing the way we see our selves now, technology has the power to change the way we will see ourselves in the future.

    I’m as optimistic as you about the future of art and technology. good stuff.

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